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Windows Mixed Reality Headsets New

Build in Unity? Want to Know More About Crafting for Windows Mixed Reality? Then Check out These new Videos From Microsoft

Learn some of the basics to create VR experiences for Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

If you already develop virtual reality (VR) or augmented reality (AR) applications – or are thinking about doing so – then there’s a good chance you use middleware development engine Unity or at least know about it. While there are numerous videogame engines out there, Unity has become the top dog, with a good chunk of VR titles made using it. So it makes sense that Microsoft would want to make it as easy as possible for Unity developers to work with its Windows Mixed Reality headsets. Hence why the software giant has just released a new series of videos.

Unity logo

The series of videos Microsoft has released are for the Mixed Reality Academy 213 course. Composed of six chapters, the series will explore the motion controller’s input events by creating a simple spatial painting experience. With this app, users can paint in three-dimensional space with various types of brushes and colors.

Learning how to work with and use the motion controllers is a vital part of any VR experience. While a well designed virtual world can look really nice and impressive, that sense of immersion and presence greatly comes from how you can interact with the videogame world. Being able to pick an item up and for it to look like its in your hand and respond accordingly cannot be underestimated.

Windows Mixed Reality headsets only launched a few short months ago, and while the first flurry of titles were good Microsoft needs to sustain that for the headsets to be successful. Dell, Samsung, Acer, Asus, Lenovo and HP have all created head-mounted displays (HMDs) off of Microsoft’s base design. Most have identical specs – apart from the Samsung Odyssey – and recently HP launched a new Pro Edition for VR arcades and other location based ventures.

VRFocus will continue its coverage of Windows Mixed Reality, reporting back with the latest announcements.

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