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C360 Camera Technology Used In Televised Broadcasts Of Olympic Games

The Pittsburgh company are honoured to have their technology at the games.

We’re always eager to have live broadcast television content available in virtual reality (VR). Whether it’s 3D movies, 360 degree videos, or panoramic experiences, VR can open up traditional media formats to a wide range of different kinds of experiences. Future proofing the kind of content we can get through broadcast channels, C360 Technologies is now putting their high end 360 degree and VR cameras to work during the Winter Olympic Games.

It’s a massive boon to the company to be able to work with at the Winter Olympic Games, and the technology is sure to come in handy. As we all probably know by now, Intel is powering the streaming technology to bring the Olympics to VR head-mounted display (HMD) owners the world over.

This continues the business plan outlined by C360’s CEO Evan Wimer last year; “Since the inception of our company, we’ve been fortunate to work with some of the best organizations in the world, integrating C360’s technology into sports telecasts viewed by international audiences.”

This year, Wimer has said more on C360’s new opportunity, and shares his excitement at having C360’s technology used on a world stage; “We are extremely honored by the opportunity to bring an added viewing dimension through our camera technology to the 2018 Winter Olympic Games. We believe in the value that immersive video can bring to traditional sports broadcasts, and the PyeongChang Olympics is perfect event to introduce our newest GEN2 Immersive Camera System camera to a global audience.”

C360 Technologies’ cameras will be used during events such as short track speed skating, figure skating and hockey. There will be multiple cameras providing unique viewpoints for each sport, delivering content in live streams around the world or for on demand streams later. Should you want to watch the games yourself in VR, make sure to investigate which broadcaster holds the rights in your region. Many Europeans will be watching Eurosport, while American friends should look at the NBC Sports VR app.

Watching the Olympics in VR will make the experience much more immersive and interesting for many users – we know for a fact that we’ll be tuning in to our favourite events through VR displays. For all of the latest on VR sport and technology, make sure to keep reading VRFocus.

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