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NEON screenshot 1

Classic Arcade Inspired Shooter Neon Coming to Steam Tomorrow

It’ll add support for HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets

Launched a couple of months ago for Oculus Rift, Neon is a retro-inspired psychedelic shooter from indie team Galactig. Today, the studio has announced that Neon will be coming to Steam tomorrow, adding support for HTC Vive and Windows Mixed Reality headsets.

NEON screenshot_005

Featuring a design that uses vector polygonal lines and surfaces illuminated by pulsating neon lighting – for that ultimate futuristic 80s look – Neon puts you in control of an ion cannon that just so happens to be located inside the sun. Your job is to stop solar flares by shooting down neon isotopes using positive and negative ions located on the left and right triggers. As you can see from the screenshots, what this means is that one gun is pink whilst the other is blue/green (turquoise?), with each one only able to shoot the corresponding isotopes.

There are 42 levels of intense visual chaos to play through, each of which have been designed so they require a different approach to achieve best times. Galactig has ensured that the difficulty ramps up to suit both virtual reality (VR) beginners and experienced players alike. The title will also allow you to use either motion controllers or a gamepad depending on your preference.

As the single-player campaign progresses levels will add stronger gravitational forces, more isotopes, and new challenges to test your skills. Boss levels will appear featuring super-structures require new strategies, but don’t fret as Neon also includes a selection of power-ups such as slo-mo, shockwave and solar blossom mode to help you out in a pinch.


Neon also features an original soundtrack of ambient electronica, synthwave and electrotech, created by three music producers Forward Memory, Dynamix, and I Am Galactic, to complements the modern-retro styling of the experience.

The shooter should unlock on Steam around 3pm GMT, tomorrow 6th February 2018. For any further updates from Galactig and Neon, keep reading VRFocus.

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