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Gugenka Release HoloModels, AR Anime Figures

New app lets users decorate their room with anime figures thanks to AR technology.

A new app released by Japanese company Gugenka from CS-REPORTERS.INC allows users to decorate their homes with augmented reality (AR) figures of anime characters.

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Gugenka specialise in creating AR and virtual reality (VR) apps for users based on a range of different franchises and intellectual property’s (IP). Their latest release, HoloModels, gives users with a compatible device the ability to indulge in the collection of anime figures all within virtual space. By using the ARKit within iOS, HoloModels is able to scan a playable surface and then let users start decorating the space however they wish.

Characters that are placed in the world can be posted and adjusted to create scenes that a user is then able to walk around in full 360. With the built in tools a they can adjust the size of the character, post each joint of the figure, find the ideal facial expression for the pose and place items in the hands of characters and in the world as well.

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The app features an original character who is included in the app right away. Megu Shinonome is the main character of Gugenka’s original 3D animation “Utatte Onpukko♪,” which is set to be released on YouTube. The Megu Shinonome set included in the app comes with six types of hold-able items, include microphones and cutlery, along with ten types of ornaments such as a karaoke set. Users can also purchase additional AR figures for use within the HoloModels app via the HoloModels website.

HoloModels is available to download for free now for Apple iOS devices running iOS 11 or newer. A release on Android devices is planned for the future.

Some of the other AR apps that Gugenka have released are based on other popular anime franchises such as Sword Art Online. Cardcaptor Sakura, Re: Zero and many more. Their work focuses on AR and VR technology and creating experiences for fans to enjoy.

You can see HoloModels in action in the below video, which is currently only available with Japanese dialog. Subtiles are available thanks to the YouTube player.

For more on Gugenka and HoloModels as updates are released, keep reading VRFocus.

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