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Hatsune Miku VR screenshot1

Hatsune Miku VR Coming to HTC Vive & Oculus Rift Next Week

The rhythm action title will feature 8 songs to begin with.

Japanese videogame Hatsune Miku VR has been available in various forms for PlayStation 4 and PlayStation VR over the last couple of years, with releases such as Hatsune Miku: Project Diva X HD and Hatsune Miku VR Future LiveLast month VRFocus reported on Degica Games and Crypton Future Media announcing Hatsune Miku VR for PC virtual reality (VR) users, today confirming a release date.

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For those unaware of the Hatsune Miku videogame series, it’s a rhythm action title where you’ll dance and hit notes in the brightly coloured, neon lit world of titular character Hatsune Miku, a fictional Japanese pop star.

Using motion controllers players have to catch melody symbols that fly from the speakers at the back of the stage as Miku sings and dances away to some of her most iconic songs. Things start to get difficult when long riff symbols and other challenges are introduced, making it harder to hit those perfect high scores.

Song list:

  • Ievan Polkka (by Otomania)
  • Singularity (by keisei)
  • Amagoi Miseinen (by Wada Takeaki ‘Kurage P’)
  • Sharing The World (by BIGHEAD)
  • Senbonzakura (by 黒うさP)
  • + 3 songs

Hatsune Miku VR

Just like the other versions of the rhythm videogame Hatsune Miku VR comes with eight songs to begin with. Further songs will be added in the future usually through DLC add-on packs.

In addition to the announcement Degica Games is running a giveaway competition, with participants able to win tickets to the USA & Mexico Miku Expo 2018 concerts as the top prize, Hatsune Miku figures and Hatsune Miku: Magical Mirai 2017 Blu-ray DVD are also on offer. Head to the Hatsune Miku VR Giveaway page to enter and find out more.

Degica Games has released quite a few VR titles on Steam in the last couple of years, with titles like: Sayonara Umihara KawaseDestroyer, Head It!: VR Soccer Heading Game, Hop Step Sing! Kimamani☆Summer vacation (HQ Edition) and several more.

Hatsune Miku VR will be released on Steam for Oculus Rift and HTC Vive next Thursday, 8th March, 2018. For any further updates from Degiva Games, keep reading VRFocus.

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