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Holodance Gets Brand New Time Dilation Updates Allowing Players To Control Time Itself


We love to dance. Who doesn’t? That’s why we’ve been following Holodance since it’s inception. All the way from initial announcement, to IndieGoGo and beyond, we’ve been dancing away to Holodance’s continued successes and updates. Now, the latest update might be the most exciting one yet as Holodance is adding Time Dilation.

Time Dilation is a new feature, and once this mode is activated players can control passage of time by pacing the movement speed of their hands. It’s not quite a Stand ability, but we’ll take it.

You can activate Time Dilation in the videogame’s settings. If you play with a standard tempo, the music will play out at a standard tempo. Should you speed up or slow down however, the tempo of the videogame will too, adjusting the music and the speed at which orbs will approach the player. Interestingly this can actually increase the difficulty of the game, as forcing yourself to break rhythm and slow down or speed up on purpose can be quite challenging. If players stay entirely still, they can even seem to stop the videogame entirely.

Even more interestingly, if players are able to keep their hands entirely still, they will still be able to move their head or the rest of their body, allowing for some cool dancing improvisation, or the ability to expertly smash through the videogame’s orbs.

Holodance players will know that movement speed and controller rotation matter in Holodance, but Time Dilation is only sensitive to controller movement, and not rotation. This makes the Laserblades mode even more interesting than ever.

You can see a video of Time Dilation in action above, while some intense tunes play out. You can see the player slowing their body and hand movements to adjust the speed of the songs and even freestyle their own tempo and patterns. It’s an interesting dynamic that could be incredibly creative in the right hands.

It’s good to see Holodance continuing to get support years after its initial announcement and IndieGoGo campaign. Since we love to dance so much, we’ll be writing about all of the Holodance content coming out as soon as we hear about it, so for more keep reading VRFocus.

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