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NASA IKinema Orion

IKinema Officially Launches Orion 1.0 Motion Capture Solution

The technology is being used by Tencent IEG NEXT Studio and the Hybrid Reality Lab at NASA.

IKinema’s full-body solving technology has been used in numerous virtual reality (VR) experiences including The VOID’s Star Wars: Secrets of the Empire, Supermassive Games’ VR projects, and Linden Labs’ Sansar. Today, IKinema has announced the official launch of its motion capture and full body solving solution, Orion 1.0.

IKinema Orion 1.0

IKinema’s Orion can be used with any OpenVR hardware like the HTC Vive and its controllers to capture head and hand motion. With the addition of Vive Trackers are then able to capture hips and feet. Orion has already been deployed across  companies requiring deeper sense of realism and full body immersion in fields of design, training, aerospace, ergonomics, engineering, automotive, live theatre, virtual experiences, high-fidelity in-game previz of assets and animation, motion capture for film and videogames.

The Hybrid Reality Lab at NASA Johnson Space Center has begun using IKinema Orion alongside HTC Vive to research the savings to logistics and budget compared to traditional motion capture solutions. The results are a stepping stone to the future of astronaut training and engineering design in Hybrid Reality on NASA’s journey to the moon, Mars and beyond.

Another company utilising the solution is Chinese tech giant Tencent as it continues to develop VR content for its home and foreign markets. “Orion has provided Tencent IEG NEXT Studio with a cost-effective alternative to standard and pricier motion capture solutions – system set-up takes virtually no time, shaving precious hours for our project,” says Li Shen, General Manager, Tencent IEG NEXT Studio in a statement. “The quality of full-body mocap on our avatars means we’ve achieved hyper-realistic virtual humans which move and interact believably in their world – for the team to reproduce the same level of realism would take many man hours. IKinema’s solution has been essential to the development of our next generation projects in virtual reality, games and entertainment”.

For the launch, IKinema are offering a 25 percent discount on purchases until the 31st March 2018. The annual license, purchased via the IKinema website, is priced at £400 GBP per seat. The pack includes: IKinema Orion solving engine, Unity plugin, Unreal plugin, standard avatar, demo sample motions, rigs with 6 and 8 solving points. For any further IKinema updates, keep reading VRFocus.

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