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Make Crystal Clear 360 Degree Videos With Headjack, Now Free

You can make your own 360 videos completely free now.

We’ve all run afoul of video software that leaves an unsightly watermark on videos. Just go on to the more random, smaller parts of YouTube and you’ll find that a Bandicam watermark on the top of the screen is almost a right of passage, an early YouTuber meme of sorts, and it certainly doesn’t stop there.

The main issue with this of course, is that an ugly watermark isn’t going to give you a professional looking video. This is the conclusion that Headjack came too after a great deal of internal debate. Getting users to try your software but also getting them to pay for it afterwards is a difficult task. They could offer free trials, usage limits, watermarks or limiting features, but all of these just took away from the reasons why users would want to use Headjack is such a good piece of software for creating 360 degree videos. So what’s the solution?

Well Headjack have decided that the way forward is to remove their watermark and all limitations on their software – for all intents and purposes, you can create high quality 360 degree videos using the Headjack software completely for free.

The logic behind this move is that users weren’t going to use Headjack in the field if it was going to leave a watermark on their work afterwards, making it feel like a lower quality production. To rectify this, Headjack made the move to make their software completely free, hoping that users would now use Headjack in their professional productions, giving Headjack software the very best possible chance to shine.

The Cinema feature is now available for all users, too. It allows Headjack to control multiple virtual reality (VR) devices at a distance. This follows multiple requests from users who wished to try the Cinema features before upgrading to the premium version of Headjack. In the free plan, Cinema mode is limited to a single device, but can use up to three in the Pro version of the software.

You can try Headjack for free yourself right here. Bringing the ability to make 360 videos to a greater variety of users can only be a good thing, and we hope to see more from the Headjack software in the future. Meanwhile, you can take a look at 360 videos in our Life in 360 feature, and for everything else make sure to keep reading VRFocus.

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