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OmniVirt Report Shows 360-Degree Adverts Are The Way Forward

An analysis by OmniVirt shows customers more likely to engage with immersive advertising.

Over the past several months, many companies that relied heavily on online advertising for revenue have seen profits drop as users are increasingly turned off by intrusive or outright malicious adverts. OmniVirt are proposing a potential solution in the form of 360-degree ads.

Advertising is a competitive business, with so many companies competing for the attention of consumers, anything that draws more attention to itself is bound to be of great interest to advertisers. OmniVirt has been offering an advertising platform for virtual reality and (VR) augmented reality (AR) experiences is promising just that with its report.

OmniVirt - Click Through Rate

OmniVirt analysed over 700 million adverts served, and found that 360-degree photographs perform 300% better in enticing users to click-through than standard 2D images, with 360-degree VR videos getting a 46% list in video completion rate when compared to equivalent 2D videos.

The company also found that when presented with a 360-degree video, the majority of users, at 86%, would choose to interact with the video, offering a significantly higher level of user engagement, a metric that many advertisers are keen to improve. In addition, the report showed heat map coverage of user interaction, which showed that most users preferred to look straight ahead, and look up and left more often than they looked down or right.

OmniVirt say that the results mean that immersive media delivers better results for advertisers when compared to traditional 2D advertising formats, potentially offering a new frontier for advertising companies to explore.

OmniVirt Heatmap

The subject of advertising and monetisation in VR and AR is a thorny one. Online advertising in general has become something of a hot topic recently, with website adverts being hijacked to inject malicious code into PCs or used as a vector for ‘crypto-jacking’ where a user’s PU and GPU cycles can be used to mine cryptocurrency without their knowledge.

Despite this, it is clear that VR and AR will continue to need to find revenue streams, with 360-degree advertising offering one potential solution. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on adverts in VR and AR.

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