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Play Mindshow For Free And Win Yourself $25 On Steam

A free VR videogame, and the chance to win $25? Sign us up!

We love getting creative in virtual reality (VR). Whether it’s dancing along to our favourite songs or literally creating dreams and wishes, we love being able to express ourselves, and few experiences allow for that kind of expressive experience quite like Mindshow. Mindshow is a VR application where you can create all kinds of CGI animations all within the HTC Vive head-mounted display (HMD) and it’s way easier than learning to animate CG models anywhere else.


Now, Mindshow are running a small competition where you can win a $25 Steam gift card – ooh la la! They’ve kept the instructions for the competition pretty simple, as all you need to do is…

  • Add Mindshow as a friend on Steam (if you haven’t already) so you can view the shows in the Feed.
  • Look for shows labeled “2Improvatar[1-3].” Open each one, respond to the prompt, and have fun!
  • When you’re done with each show, select the yellow gear icon on the hand menu and click “Share.” It’ll be uploaded to the Feed for us to film and compile into one episode (like the embedded example above).

Produced by the Mindshow community, Improvatar is a game show for avatars that the Mindshow community can get involved in using VR Sharing. The first episode already includes a selection of users in the Mindshow community and you can get your own entries in now in order to win the jackpot of $25.

We’ve looked at Mindshow before on VRFocus, and the interesting and intuitive ways that users can customise and create their own animations is truly fascinating. Hopefully the competition will encourage more people to download and use Mindshow, and get involved in Improvatar, since it’s free to play.

You can download Mindshow right here for free for HTC Vive on Steam VR. It’s still in early access for now, but clearly the developers are looking to the community in order to ascertain what they should be adding and adjusting next.

In all seriousness, $25 might not be much but it’s more than enough reason to give a free to play game a try. Improvatar looks like an interesting way to enjoy communal VR, and if it gets people invested in creating animations and more in VR then it’s well worth it. For more on Mindshow, make sure to keep reading VRFocus.

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