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Resolution Games Announce New VR Pirate Experience Narrows

It’s been inspired by Sid Meier’s Pirates 1987 and Faster Than Light.

Resolution Games, the Sweden-based virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) videogame studio has been extremely successful since it started three years ago. Now with over 30 employees, three different teams are working on three different projects, and have created one of the most popular VR titles to date, acquiring more than 2 million downloads for their mobile VR fishing videogame, Bait!, plus their carnival-themed experience for the Google Daydream Wonderglade being one of the highest rated titles on the Google Daydream. VRFocus spoke to Tommy Palm, CEO of Resolution Games about Bait! and their latest VR videogame Narrows


Today, Resolution Games has announced its most ambitious title for the Google Daydream, Narrows. Combining real-time crew-management with ship-to-ship combat, plenty of customization, and rogue-like replayability, players travel the Caribbean in the golden age of piracy, captain their ship, get into sword fights, have ship-to-ship battles whilst managing their crew of misfits. Every new campaign comes with a set of fresh maps and choices, so players will never have the same adventure twice.

“We’ve been incredibly proud of what we’ve accomplished with our previous game releases, and with Narrows, we’re continuing to push the boundaries of what’s possible with VR on mobile devices,” said Resolution Games CEO and co-founder Tommy Palm. “With an assortment of ships to unlock, islands to explore and plunder to pillage, there are countless ways you can approach your own personal pirate adventure. Narrows is the most content-heavy game we’ve ever made, and one of the most engaging and visually stunning games available on mobile VR to date. It’s a shiny doubloon that you’ll want to keep in your treasure chest of great VR games.”

Narrows is available starting today on Daydream, Google’s platform for high quality, mobile VR for $9.99 USD. Palm says, “I’ve always been a big fan of pirate games. One of the first games that brought me into programming was Sid Meier’s open world game Pirates! back in the eighties.” Palm also mentions that they were inspired by games such as Faster Than Light, a space exploration videogame where players you trade on markets and upgrade their spaceships. 

It appears that Resolution Games is also working in augmented reality (AR), dedicating a team to it. Palm adds: ” One of the reasons we have been focusing so heavily on mobile VR is that it’s similar to AR in many sense.” The team at Resolution Games are incredibly excited about VR and AR. Palm is very happy that 2018 marks the year where various standalone headsets will be coming in, lowering the barrier to entry for consumers to experience VR. Resolution Games want to focus on first-time VR users and are trying to make more inclusive titles that are no based on shooters or violence. Rather they’re looking at family friendly videogames that are for everybody, especially for individuals who are looking to share an experience with their friends and family.

To find out more about Resolution Games, BAIT! and their relationship with Facebook Spaces watch the video interview with Tommy Palm below.

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