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Scottish Historical Site Getting AR Upgrade

Become Immersed In Scottish History With AR App at Caerlaverock Castle.

Some of Scotland’s most beloved and iconic historical sites will be seeing improvements thanks to an investment plan from Historic Environment Scotland, or HES. Part of the planned enhancement and improvements will include a new augmented reality (AR) experience.

HES have unveiled a new investment plan which will see up to £12 million (GBP) spent in 2018/19 with the aim of enhancing the condition of historical buildings and enhancing the experience for visitors. Part of this plan includes an AR experience for Caerlaverock Castle near Dumfries.

A total of 20 sites will see priority investment under the plans, which will see visitors facilities enhanced at Edinburgh Castle, repair work carried out on the main spire at Glasgow Cathedral as well as the AR app for Caerlaverock Castle.

The AR app will allow visitors to view and collect historical animations related to the castle and the nearby nature trail. Caerlaverock Castle dates back to the 13th Century, and is notable for its unusual triangle shape and the location close by a nature preserve, allowing visitors to get glimpses of rare animals by walking the nature trail on the grounds.

It is not currently known when the AR app will be made available for visitors, nor has it been revealed what platform the app will support. HES are planning to continue its current projected level of investment in its properties

These are ambitious plans which will set new standards for the care of our properties and provide world class visitor attractions with outstanding visitor experiences.” HES Chief executive Alex Paterson said, “We’re building on the success of recent years which have seen record numbers of visitors to many of Scotland’s historic sites. We’ve already effectively started our investment programme, with many projects already under way across the country and are in a strong position to deliver on the identified priorities designed to help bring social, economic and environmental benefits for Scotland.”

Further news on new AR apps and services for tourist and historical sites will be right here on VRFocus.

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