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Inferno: Deathfield

Taking on the Legions of Hell in Inferno: Deathfield

VRFocus wades sword first into Framing Inc’s hack ‘n’ slash title.

Arriving last month on Steam Early Access was Framing Inc.’s first virtual reality (VR) title for HTC Vive, a tough adventure title called Inferno: Deathfield. Of course VRFocus has previewed the experience and created one of our popular gameplay videos for you to see what the title is all about.

Inferno: Deathfield

Inferno: Deathfield is a mixture of hack and slash gameplay mixed in with wave shooter mechanics. Each area you walk into will spawn several enemies, once these have been killed another set will then appear. Once these have been vanquished the way opens up to continue your journey, so whilst fighting them you’re restricted to that particular area – there’s no running away and back tracking to find health.

This means that Inferno: Deathfield can be quite difficult at points, unrelenting in its attacks if you wade in all brazen. Think of the difficulty in a similar vein to Dark Souls, just this time you’re trapped in mini arenas. Obviously you don’t come empty handed. You can choose between a sword or crossbow in one hand with the other holding a magic shield or another crossbow. You also have the ability to slow time, giving you an advantage should you get surrounded.

As you’ll see from VRFocus’ gameplay video below the gameplay can be incredibly hectic, so it’s always best to plan how you move into a new area. While the sword is good, it’s not as powerful as the crossbow. But the crossbow only holds ten shots before needing to recharge. And the last thing you want is some hellish demon appearing when you’ve run out of ammo.

Inferno: Deathfield

Of course, to learn more about some of the finer aspects of Inferno: Deathfield you’ll need to read VRFocus’ preview. This goes into more depth about some of the issues encountered. For any further updates on Inferno: Deathfield and its Early Access development, keep reading VRFocus.

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