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This Week In VR Sport: NBC Sports VR, Sporty Bodycams And Possible Golf VR Broadcasts In Future

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Every week we bring together the latest stories from the world of sport colliding with virtual reality  (VR), and this week is no different. We’ve got news on the NBC Sports VR app, a brand new bodycam designed for active lifestyles, and a hint that we might get more VR golf broadcasts and content in the future.

Read on for more information, and make sure to come back every week for the latest in the world of VR sport.

Watch The Winter Olympics With The NBC Sports VR App On Gear VR

It’s not the first time we’ve reported on the Winter Olympics being broadcast in VR, but while before it was for our European pals, this time our American friends are catered for with NBC Sports VR on Samsung Gear VR.

The Oculus Blog made a post about the new app, ushering people to download and enjoy what will be more than 50 hours of VR coverage. Though for long form VR content you will need to authenticate your app through your paid TV provider.

Of course the event is broadcast in VR thanks to Intel True VR, who are responsible for the technology being used to broadcast the games.

FITT360 Is A Wearable Bodycam Built For Active Lifestyles

We’ve seen plenty of bodycams in the past, but not many that offer 360 degree capture. So it’s a good thing we’re getting the FITT360, a bodycam designed for an active lifestyle.

Bodycams are a wise choice for those that are safety conscious and is appropriate for all ages as we can see from the trailer above.

It’s one of the least intrusive bodycams we’ve seen, and the 360 degree capture is a massive bonus. We’ll have more on the FITT360 cameras as the information comes in.

European Golf Tour CTO Hints At VR Broadcasts In Future

In an interview with Silicon, European Tour CTO Michael Cole has made a few comments regarding VR broadcasting. Though it seems there are no immediate plans, that’s definitely not to say that it’s not on the European Tour’s agenda.

It follows a partnership with Tata Communications, who supply digital and broadcast solutions. They currently already work with the F1 and MotoGP. Cole has said of the partnership; “[Tata has] an absolutely critical role in being the conduit for the host broadcaster to the rest of the world. They bring experience and expertise to help us connect to a worldwide audience.”

When it comes specifically to VR broadcasting, Cole makes clear that they are observing the state of VR broadcasts and content; “[I] come from the world of the Olympics and there is a point of view that sport is a great platform for innovation. In my mind, whilst that’s true that any technology has to be robust. Getting that balance between bleeding edge innovation and tech that’s tried and tested is critical.”

Cole continues; “I’m not particularly interested in being number one and bringing new innovation to sport. But I’m very interested in being number 2 or number 3. We owe that to the players and the audience.”

Hopefully we’ll see more VR golf coverage in the future. For all of the latest news on sport in VR, make sure to keep reading VRFocus.

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