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VOLO Is The Augmented Reality Wishing Well You Can Share With The World

Watch the trailer for VOLO in action.

We’ve all had a good think about what we’d wish for if we had a genie and magic lamp or a wishing well that actually delivered the goods. Wealth? Fame? Power? Everything you could ever dream of? Well unfortunately we still don’t have a supernatural object capable of giving you super powers quite yet, but what we do have will do for now. VOLO is a brand new augmented reality (AR) wishing well that will let you see the dreams and wishes of others come to life.

At least, that’s the pitch. We can see VOLO in action in the video embedded above and, well, those aren’t quite like any of the dreams I’ve had. VOLO creates spirals and patterns in the air resemble stars and surreal shapes and formations. You can create these of any size, all that’s needed is a circular well in order for the AR technology to understand the space you’re in.

You can then send your creations, patterns, dreams and wishes to others anywhere in the globe, and you can all share your creations and wishes with one another. VOLO is Latin for ‘to wish’ so the inspiration behind the experience is in the name itself.

The experience is created by HUSH, an expoerience design agency. One of their partners, David Schwarz, has said; “We want the concept of VOLO to join people from around the world who can’t literally be together in a very simple, and positive way. While this is easy to do through purely digital platforms – as plenty of websites and apps do this at scale already – AR provides the right technological solve that allows us to design beautiful physical centerpieces that collect and showcase a world of digital sentiments and wishes.”

It’s a fascinating idea, and their footage and ideas surrounding communal, large wishing wells that people can stand around the experience together is truly interesting. Though I would personally question the worth of a wishing well that doesn’t spit out cash or gold, it seems like it’s an excellent creative endeavour that could work as a good bonding experience. For more on AR apps like VOLO, make sure to keep reading VRFocus.

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