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18 Levels screenshot1

Winking Entertainment’s Next VR Horror Experience 18 Levels Coming in March

It’s confirmed for Oculus Rift.

Winking Entertainment is quite the prodigious virtual reality (VR) publisher, having released titles like Don’t Knock Twice, Fated: The Silent Oath, Unearthing Mars and several more. The publisher has recently revealed its next title, a horror experience by Chinese developer Aoga Tech called 18 Levels.

18 Levels screenshot2

A puzzle solving experience set across 18 floors – the videogame seems to be called 18 Floors on Oculus Home but 18 Levels everywhere else – each area combines thought provoking puzzles with some escape room survival horror. Aoga Tech explains: “An entire floor consisting of an unfamiliar existence, each of the 18 rooms is a different world, with its own history and story: Sealed Room of Phantoms, Train over the Sea of Blood, Forest of Fantasy, City of God, and more.”

There’s also some sort of story line about the protagonist Andrea, whose seeks out her true identity and as usual there’s  a dark conspiracy of unimaginable magnitude to be uncovered.

Confirmed for launch on Oculus Rift – as it’s on Oculus Home – this March, 18 Levels will also come to PlayStation VR if the trailer below is correct. What the trailer or Winking Entertainment has yet to divulge is when exactly the PlayStation VR will see the title. As further details about 18 Levels (18Floors) are released VRFocus will keep you updated.

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