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Vuzix Blade 3000

10 New Companies Looking to Use Vuzix’ Waveguide Optics Technology

More then 10 leading technology companies are working with Vuzix and its technology.

Vuzix Corporation, one of the leading suppliers of smart glasses and augmented reality (AR) technologies and products for consumer and enterprise markers, has revealed it is working with over a dozen new companies to explore new and exciting marker opportunists.

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With this comes the news that ten new customers have entered Vuzix’ Project Planning Phase, meaning their have signed a Non-disclosure agreement (NDA) and are actively performing due diligence of Vuzix and its waveguide optics technology for integration into their hardware roadmap. The outcome of these new companies working with Vuzix could be a number of new products, for both consumer and enterprise, that would benefit from Vuzix’ technology and create new market opportunities.

“Vuzix has spent years and invested significant dollars developing our advanced waveguides and the production process around them,” said Paul Travers, President and Chief Executive Officer at Vuzix. “We believe the fact that we can start volume manufacturing now and deliver them to select partners puts us in an immediate leadership position in AR market. Our ability to do so represents a tremendous value to Vuzix own products and any of the companies we decide to work with.  Vuzix waveguides and related technologies can offer fast  entry and a significant competitive edge to those OEM partners and as a result we expect will allow Vuzix to achieve premium margins over the available conventional bulky optics alternatives.”

Toshiba dynaEdge AR SmartGlasses

Vuzix have of course been bring their skills and experience to a partnership with Toshiba to develop the dynaEdge AR100 smart glasses which entered production earlier this month. Vuzix’ waveguide optics technology and display engines allow for applications to take advantage of the AR capatabllies and pack it all within small devices such as smart glasses. With a the recently demoed Vuzix Blade AR smart glasses, the company showcased how its solution can be made into a realiable form factor with impressive performance showing that the technology is capable of delivering outstanding results.

With more then a dozen companies now on board to utilize the technology into new products, the growth of Vuzix seems promising and the opportunities for AR applications have now expanded further. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on Vuzix and its new partners in the future.

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