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Cortopia Studios Announce Ready Wielder One Tournament for Wands

Simply log into the videogame and play one ranked match.

It’s Ready Player One release day today. To mark the occasion Cortopia Studios has announced a new update for the magical combat title Wands as well as a competition, the Ready Wielder One tournament.


Ready Wielder One is an in-game event for Wands with its own leaderboard running from today until Sunday 1st April 2018. All participants will get a virtual reality (VR) and Easter package containing a wand, relic dust and one outfit. In order to participate simply open Wands on Oculus Rift, Samsung Gear VR, Google Daydream, or HTC Vive and play at least one ranked match to automatically sign you up for the event.

As for the update, version 1.3.7, the studio has added a new rating system for its leaderboards where you’ll be able to see your global ranking, as well as your ranking for the current season. Banners will now appear in the lobby, and based on your ranking you’ll see the banner evolve.

Two new spells have been added, Chilling Clutch, which shoots an icy claw that slows its victim’s mana regeneration by 50% for 10 seconds. And Skull Specter, which summons an ally that when reaching a tile shoots one projectile at its nearest enemy.

Wands Oculus Rift screenshot 3

Additional improvements include:

  • Slightly reduced maximum speed of Devil’s Spit.
  • Updated spell descriptions to be more accurate.
  • Improvement to Dragon’s Breath effect / damage correlation.
  • New lobby UI.
  • Updated graphics for spell select table in Workshop.
  • Improved context sensitive graphics in the Workshop to help ease new players into the game.
  • Basement (Shooting Range) can now be directly accessed from the Portal.
Bug fixes
  • Spell is selected correctly even after quick joystick movement after a charged spell release.
  • Fixed issue where Flaming Phoenix would target opponent’s tile rather than opponent.
  • Fixed issue where wand aim and reticle would render on top of fade sphere.
  • Fennec no longer pops outside of the portal.
  • Disc of Antioch now has the correct select sfx.
  • Disc of Antioch no longer deals damage through shields.

If you’ve not yet tried Wands for any of the aforementioned headsets the videogame will be discounted on the relevant sales platforms tomorrow. For any further updates from Cortopia Studios, keep reading VRFocus.

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