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Ever Secretive Magic Leap Continues Trend After YouTube Interview Vanishes

The interview featured Magic Leap Associate Producer Necole Pynn.

Augmented reality (AR) company Magic Leap tends to be so secretive that it can be surprising when information does eventually appear – like the December announcement of the Magic Leap One Creator Edition headset – even if it is neatly controlled. Then on the rare occasions media outlets do get an interview with CEO and founder Rony Abovitz, little is revealed about the business itself, more its goals and ideals. Last week an interview with Jenna Buehler on Trench Media‘s YouTube channel appeared featuring Magic Leap Associate Producer Necole Pynn, which has subsequently disappeared.

Magic Leap producer-interview
Interview screengrab by Next Reality.

Spotted by Next Reality, the interview was reportedly wide ranging, covering Pynn’s view’s on Magic Leap and why she joined, AR, and much more.

Pynn only joined the company in February, with an interview excerpt saying: “[Rony Abovtiz’s 2013] Ted Talk was was a big part of how I knew I was in the right place. Because it was weird and it was wonderful. It was very artistic, and it was fun, and it didn’t take itself too seriously. Even in spite of the seriousness of the goals of Magic Leap and the gravity of what it’s really doing in advancing this industry. I thought that was fantastic.

“I started doing research when I first applied for the job. I started looking into some of the people who worked there, and I realized that so many of my creative heroes work in this company.”

Magic Leap One

Discussing what see does an an Associate Producer, Pynn went on to say: “What I do is kind of a combination of the art, the business, and the technology. A producer typically keeps the process moving along, collect all the details, facilitates communication between the different departments.”

The interview supposedly went live last Thursday, 8th March on International Women’s Day, with Buehler and Pynn covering the issue of diversity in the technology sector. “I think it’s true that software development is definitely male-dominated right now, but that’s changing quite a bit,” Pynn adds. “I’m actually in a very diverse environment right now, it’s a very forward-thinking company with people coming from all over the world to work for Magic Leap.”

Whilst sounding like an positive interview, its not only been taken down from YouTube but Trench Media’s site as well. With no indication why this has haapened, could it be Magic Leap didn’t like something that was said? Or merely a decision was made to re-post the video at another time. VRFocus will continue its coverage of Magic Leap, reporting back with the latest updates.

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