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HTC Vive Pro

HTC Announces Price of HTC Vive Pro, Reduction In Current Vive Price (Updated)

HTC Vive reveals UK and US prices and pre-orders for HTC Vive Pro – and a price reduction for the current model.

Today HTC have announced that the price of the upcoming HTC Vive Pro along with pre-order information for the virtual reality (VR) head mounted display (HMD).

HTC Vive ProThe highly anticipated HTC Vive Pro has been confirmed today to cost £799 (GBP)/$799 (USD) with pre-orders going live today as well. The new model of the popular HMD comes packed with plenty of exciting features that make it a must have for any VR user. With dual-OLED displays, delivering a stunning image at a resolution of 2880 x 1600 combined, a 78% increase over the current HTC Vive HMD, the new unit will take users to worlds like never before. The improved displays and image resolutions are not the only improvement of course with new integrated, high-performance headphones with a built-in amplifier that creates a heightened sense of presence and sound through noise cancellation capabilities.

The HTC Vive Pro has also been rebuilt from the ground up to allow for a more comfortable experience that meets the needs of a demanding VR user, including a redesigned head-strap and improvements to the balancing of the weight within the unit. The new HMD will also work with both SteamVR Tracking 1.0 and 2.0, meaning existing HTC Vive users can upgrade their headset and continue to use current generation controllers and base stations.

HTC Vive ProPre-orders for the HTC Vive Pro will be going live on the Vive website and other retail sites including GAME, Overclockers and Scan, with units set to ship globally on April 5th. Customers who purchase the HTC Vive Pro before June 3rd will all get a free six-month trial to Viveport’s subscription service, where they can choose up to five titles a month from more than 400 videogames and experiences.

Elsewhere HTC announced a price reduction for the current model of the HTC Vive, bringing the price down to £499 (GBP) / $499 (USD) which is a reduction of around £100/$100.

Paul Brown, GM, HTC Vive Europe commented on the news saying: “Vive Pro delivers the best premium VR experience available on the market today and improves resolution, audio and comfort for VR enthusiasts and enterprise customers. We are empowering developers to imagine bigger and better than ever before, today, we’re making VR even more accessible by lowering the price of the current Vive. There has never been a better time for VR fans to unleash their imagination with the most complete VR platform available.”

Brown’s American counterpart, Daniel O’Brien, HTC Vive General Manager for the US added: “With the Vive Pro we are delivering the best quality display and visual experience to the most discerning VR enthusiasts. Our goal has always been to offer the most premium VR platform available and to drive adoption for VR. By lowering the price of the current Vive, we are making VR more accessible while expanding the potential market for developers. Whether you’re a VR enthusiast or new to the platform, there’s never been a better time to join the most complete VR platform available.”

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Update: This story has been updated to include pricing and quotes related to the simultaneous announcement for the American region.

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