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Interplay Learning Launches VR Powered Solar Training Program

VR enabled training solution focus on improving employee productivity.

Software company Interplay Learning have announced a first-of-its-kind industry training program that is powered by online simulation-based learning and virtual reality (VR).

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The Solar Training Program puts unrivaled training capabilities directly into the hands of trade contractors, equipment manufacturers, and field service departments, who each face daily challenges with hiring, training, and maintaining a skilled workforce. With Interplay Learning’ new solution, these challenges will be easier to overcome as providing top level training to the workforce will become easier along with keeping pace of busy business environments.

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Developed in partnership with the Department of Energy SunShot Initiative, the Solar Training Program interconnects online 3D and VR simulations, video training, procedure guides and in-the-field apps to rapidly advance technical skills for solar companies, EPCs, solar equipment manufactures, and workforce development organizations.

Doug Donovan, CEO of Interplay Learning commented on the announcement by saying: “The ability to mimic hands-on training in a simple, scalable solution is a game changer for future skills development in electrical, mechanical and industrial settings. This solution isn’t a degree better than current solutions, it’s ten times better.  The fast-growing Solar industry is the perfect place to demonstrate its effectiveness.”

Upon launch the Solar Training Program will feature more than 40 hours of learning via 75 simulations and 100 videos for rapid acquisition of solar installation and service skills. The use of VR for training will ensure that users are able to get unprecedented access to course material which otherwise might be high in cost or difficulty to arrange. This solution also enables users to learn at their own pace, revisiting material on a regular basis if required and can access it from any location thanks to the online nature.

Interplay Learning have been developing and delivering scalable and effective training for the mechanical, electrical and industrial workforce, using VR and 3D simulation for some time now with over seven years of experience in the simulation training industry. Offering both off-the-shelf and custom solutions to solve workforce training challenges, the Solar Training Program is a clear next step in the evolution of online training by embracing available technologies.

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