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Jaguar and EasyJet Latest To Partner With OmniVirt

Jaguar and EasyJet join companies seeking to gain benefits from VR advertising.

Many companies and brands are searching for new ways to engage with consumers through advertising, seeking new methods to attract attention. With the growth of virtual reality (VR) and 360-degree video, companies such as OmniVirt are providing new platforms for advertising, and some of the latest firms to take advantage of this technology are EasyJet and Jaguar.

EasyJet and Jaguar are well-known companies who have become some of the latest to partner with OmniVirt in order to launch VR-enabled advertising campaigns using OmniVirt’s self-service advertising platform.

Advertising is a requirement for many companies in order to bring attention to new products or services, but such campaigns can e a significant cost, and many companies are beginning to see reductions in the benefit of traditional advertising methods.

OmniVirt previously released research that shows how 360-degree video and VR advertising increases consumer engagement. Tracking information from over 700 million adverts served, OmniVirt discovered that 360-degree images performed 300% better in enticing users to click-through to the advertised content than traditional 2D images.

Jaguar and EasyJet have begun using production agency MaramuraVR to customise 360-degree or VR assets on OmniVirt’s ad platform. The process involves uploaded 360-degree footage and adding interactive hotspots and choosing the type of ad. This makes the process of producing an ad a quick, easy and inexpensive process.

“We are seeing an uptick in customers looking to more easily create engaging experiences without heavy technology requirements. Customers, whether agencies or brands, want a seamless experience, especially especially when they’re testing out emerging formats for the first or second time.” notes Brad Phaisan, CEO of OmniVirt.


Iván Minero of MaramuraVR notes, “The use of self-service platform was very easy for us, and let us set up an entire ad campaign with banner and landing scene. It was important to us to have a solution to set up campaigns and banners quickly that allow us to test and show demos to our clients, from which we could quickly iterate.”

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