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Life in 360°: All Ears

With Easter Sunday just around the corner, it’s a very… fluffy Li360 today

We are rapidly approaching Easter a time of great religious importance and also your chance to snaffle multiple chocolate replicas of eggs. Then consume said eggs. With either great care or very intense desire to shove said chocolate into your mouth as rapidly as possible to the point of near choking on it.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree Video

Since today is Good Friday, and we’re not due to have a Life In 360° on Sunday,  I thought it’d be only right and proper that we have something appropriate and symbolic for the time. So, apart from religious symbolism, what’s also a symbol of Easter? The rabbit of course. The Easter Bunny itself. Sadly, these are not the Lindt bunny kind, but rather the traditional sort. In fact, there’s a whole colony of adorable and especially fluffy rabbits of all hues and sizes in this video. All of them happily chowing down on everything from apples to carrots to, apparently peppers and even watermellon. I certainly didn’t know that rabbits had a fondness for that!

Actually, the video, recorded by the channel 3D-VR-360 Videos, actually fades out the music – thankfully not Art Garfunkel’s Bright Eyes – out at several points so you can hear them chomping away merrily.  One particularly young-looking rabbit is featured early on and makes quite the noise as it takes on some leafy greens that are almost as big as it itself. The rabbits, which appear to be kept at some kind of petting zoo, are not particularly phased by the various humans checking on them occasionally. Nor the strange man with the big stick prodding a strange round thing (a Samsung Gear 360) into their midst.

This is certainly one to make you laugh and go ‘aww’ on occasions. At over seven minutes long, it’s also a decent length although the latter part of the video features 360 degree photos and not videos.

Be sure to have a great Easter weekend, VRFocus will be back with more 360 degree video next week.

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