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Miqus M5 Hero

Qualisys Reveal New Miqus M5 Motion Capture Camera

The prefect solution for VR experiences.

Leading provider of precision motion capture technology, Qualisys, has announced their latest model in portable and affordable motion capture camera solutions.

Miqus M5 01

The Miqus M5 is the next step for the Miqus line up of motion capture camera by developing the hardware to be more powerful yet still maintain portability and affordability. The Miqus M5 has a resolution of 4 megapixels capturing at a frequency of 180 frames per second – 360 frames per second in high-speed mode – making the specifications compare to Qualisys’ high end camera line: the Oqus. The Miqus M5 actually matches the resolution and frame rate of the Oqus 5+ model.

Miqus M5 Hero

The Oqus 5+ model is known for capturing in any environment, with durable outdoor capabilities and covered IP67 protected hardware. Though the Miqus M5 is not designed for outdoor capture it is still packed with powerful and nimble hardware that allows it to fit all essential motion capture functionality all within a small and lightweight camera body.

Because of the powerful hardware packed into the Miqus M5 it is ideal for use with free-roaming virtual reality (VR) experiences, able to track multiple people precisely and reliably all at the same time. With next to no latency, it makes for a suitable choice to have in any full-body tracking experience. The device is even compatible with a number of third-party devices and software allowing for the motion capture data to be used quickly and effectively. This includes software such as Motion Builder, Unity 3D, Unreal Engine and devices like force plates, eye tracking solutions and even props used in full-body VR experiences.

Ingemar Pettersson, COO Qualisys commented on the product announcement by stating: “Qualisys is committed to providing a dedicated personal approach to all our customers. Our team of Market Directors and Distributors are always in place to guide you. In a complex and technical marketplace, our skilled, experienced staff can help make sure you get the motion capture solution that best fits your project and budget.”

Elsewhere the Miqus M5 has a capture distance of eighteen meters when using 16 mm trackers and is able to be daisy chained to allow for more detailed capturing. With all that power inside a small, lightweight package that is ideal for motion capture across a wide range of applications, the Miqus M5 is a powerful piece of kit that is available today.

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