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Something For The Weekend: Steam Store Discount Dive

Zombies, robots, space pirates and anime girls.

It is once again time for another look at what virtual reality (VR) deals are hidden away and this weekend we dive into the Steam store. With plenty of titles on sale there is sure to be something that will peak your interest. From shooting zombies, playing the drums and hanging out with a cute samurai girl, why not treat yourself this weekend? As always, check back every weekend at the same time to find more deal right here on VRFocus.

Pale Lands VR Screenshot 01

Pale Lands VR

If you want to have a lighthearted take on the zombie apocalypse then look no further then Pale Lands VR. This VR title will see you fighting off against hordes of the undead in a colourful and comical wave shooter. Combine weapons to shift strategies as wave after wave becomes more unique and absurd. Do you have what it takes to defend the town and save humanity from the endless horrors that await?

Pale Lands VR is currently just under half price available for £2.39 (GBP) down from £3.99 until 12th March.

One Man Army VR Screenshot 01

One Man Army VR

“You are the last of your team members and must defend the base. A game that will destress you while playing. Stand until the next wave and shoot incoming soldiers. Defeat waves and earn money for purchase more weapons. Defeat waves with more weapons and earn more money for purchase more weapon!”

One Man Army VR is currently on sale for £3.19 (GBP) down from £3.99 until 14th March.

Hat Trick Header

In this VR football title players get to experience the thrill of heading some balls around without the pain of a headache. Hat Trick Header will not only give players a chance to practice their skills in side virtual space but also allows them to have a lot of fun at the same time. Build up high scores, beat challenging levels and even enjoy local multiplayer with friends.

Hat Trick Header is currently half price at £2.49 (GBP) down from £4.99 until 12th March.

Bit Storm VR: First Loop Screenshot 01

Bit Storm VR: First Loop

“Thrown into a crumbling galaxy on the brink of annihilation, you will find yourself in a mysterious web of time paradoxes and anomalies which will unravel the fate of the Atlastrian Galaxy. Confusion and chaos ensue as the majority of the Atlastrian Fleet has been replaced by robotic machinery that has suddenly turned rogue and now poses an immediate threat to all life in the galaxy. It’s up to you to solve the puzzle of time and carry with you the fate of the entire galaxy. With over a dozen unique weapons and abilities at your disposal you have a diverse array of combat styles and player choices allowing you to become the hero you choose to be and save the galaxy with your own customized form.”

Bit Storm VR: First Loop is currently on sale for £2.789 (GBP) down from £9.29 which is over half price until 12th March.

Realshot Screenshot 01


Realshot is for those players who are looking for a first-person shooter (FPS) experience that offers matchmaking against other players. With a number of gamemodes available to enjoy, including player-versus-player deathmatch, Realshot will give players that rush of a FPS all within virtual space. Can you become the best and earn the gold to prove it?

Realshot is now only £4.31 (GBP) which is just under half price off, down from £7.19 until 12th March

Samurai Sword VR Screenshot 01

Samurai Sword VR

If a sword is more your weapon of choice then Samurai Sword VR will be a title for you. Go back in time to Japan and awaken your inner samurai as you use your katana and shurikens to defeat your foes and complete challenges. With a number of different gameplay elements to keep things fresh, including setting your sword on fire, Samurai Sword VR is sure to get you plenty of enjoyment. Not only that, but there is a cute Samurai girl as well, so what more could you want?

Samurai Sword VR is available for only £5.59 (GBP) down from £6.99 until 23rd March.

Into the Rhythem Screenshot 01

Into the Rhythm

Into the Rhythm VR is a drumming experience brought to virtual reality. You are given drum sticks along with 6 drums. Follow the dropping notes to play the awesome music you always wanted. All you need is a place to sit, and motion controllers to strike with rhythm!”

Another title currently more then half price as Into the Rhythm is only £5.09 (GBP) down from £14.99 until 14th March.

Space Pirate Trainer

“In the case of Space Pirate Trainer the title has built up a pedigree and fan following for one simple reason, playability. Its design and gameplay mechanics aren’t overly difficult or complicated to learn – which is why it’s great as an introductory experience for new VR players – yet for seasoned pros Space Pirate Trainer offers that old school arcade action of ever bigger and more elaborate attacks that try to whittle those lives away as you try to beat your highscore.” – Read VRFocus’ Senior Staff Writer Peter Graham’s review of Space Pirate Trainer here.

Space Pirate Trainer is half price right now available for £5.49 (GBP) down from £10.99 until 12th March.

Bullet VR Screenshot 01

Bullet VR

“The year 2020. You are a real war hero, who has gone through a lot and seen a lot of bad things, but you has not seen anything like that. A huge threat has come to your favorite planet – the Earth. Huge crowds of aliens are attacking your house, destroying cities and only you can stop them, only you can save the planet! Your task is to hold out until the end, to destroy enemies, alien technology and their master. The fate of the whole civilization is in your hands!”

Bullet VR is available for the low price of £0.79 (GBP) down from £3.99 until 12th March.

Hatsune Miku VR screenshot1

Hatsune Miku VR

Lastly this week is a title that may have only just released but has a healthy discount on to celebrate the launch. Hatsune Miku VR sees the world famous Japanese idol Hatsune Miku take the latest entry in the popular rhythm series to VR. With eight songs at launch to enjoy and plenty more to come in the future, players will be up and dancing to the beat as they catch the notes. Hatsune Miku will be center stage singing and dancing as well, meaning you can be right in the action and up close with this adorable idol.

Hatsune Miku VR is currently only £15.59 (GBP) down from £19.49 until 15th March.

That is all for this week but remember that VRFocus collates all the best sales and cheap deals every weekend, so check back next weekend at the same time to discover more.

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