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Strategy Title Animal Force Revealed for PlayStation VR

Animal Force is coming soon, exclusively to PlayStation VR.

Today’s looking like a bumper day for PlayStation VR fans. There’s been a new price discountWipEout Omega Collection VR has arrived and now Chinese developer ISVR has revealed a new title for the headset, Animal Force.

Animal Force screenshot

Animal Force is a tower defence videogame of sorts, designed to make use of virtual reality’s (VR) particular features. So gameplay takes place in 3D arenas with enemies able to move within the 3D world so that players can place their defenders anywhere in order to stop them.

Explaining the premise on PlayStation Blog, Yi Zhang, CEO of ISVR said: “In Animal Force, your mission is to save the Earth from an alien invasion using a menagerie of super powered animals. Each one has its own unique ability, and as the player, you must use these in tandem to defeat the dastardly extraterrestrials.

“You aren’t relegated to being a glorified pointer in Animal Force, you are part of the action. At any time you can pick up your defenders and thrust and parry with the enemy to help defend the people of Earth.”

Animal Force screenshot1

The single-player campaign has seven stages to play through, each with its own enemies, twists and boss fights. That’s not all. Adding further depth to the experience Animal Force also features three local multiplayer modes for you to enjoy with other players. These modes support 1-3 additional people who can play using the Social Screen against the PlayStation VR player using the DualShock4 controller.

Animal Force will be exclusive to PlayStation VR, with ISVR yet to announce a release date, merely stating ‘coming soon’. Sony Interactive Entertainment (SIE) is certainly on the VR offensive this week, heavily promoting PlayStation VR as the headset looks to continue its lead over PC-based rivals. VRFocus will of course continue reporting on PlayStation VR’s deals and new content, keeping you updated with the latest news.

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