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The Realities Centre on Supporting the VR Diversity Initiative

A lack of talent in virtual reality is making companies work together to help create more opportunities.

The Realities Centre is a space dedicated to accelerating virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) for start-ups and corporates. Based in London they have two locations where they regularly host events, hackathons and showcase VR. Previously they have done a Post-CES event with VRFocus and showcased nominated VR films from Sundance Film Festival’s XR Awards in Huckletree West. VRFocus spoke to Thomas Gere, the founder and CEO of the Realities Centre about how they are also supporting diversity.


The VR Diversity Initiative 2018 VR Kick-Off! was hosted by Hobs Studio, the largest 3D printing company in the UK that utilises VR, AR and 3D printing for large projects. Having their own academy, and supporting Hobs Studio with their academy, the Realities Centre supported the VR Diversity Initiative with hardware, set-up and making sure everything worked during the event. All of the PC’s were provided by BlueHire whilst the Realities Centre helped provide some headsets.

“We are joining VRFocus and Hobs Studio and lots of other amazing supporters for their virtual reality diversity initiative, which is something that is very close to our hearts. There’s a lack of talent in virtual reality,” says Gere. He believes there’s a real potential for individuals to get jobs in sectors or roles that they’re unaware of such as 3D artist or 3D printing artist. The Realities Centre and Academy Class have a VR bootcamp already, and are helping support Hobs Studio with their #FutureSkills programs.

“We’re looking to have a lot more events like this ourselves at the Realities Centre, we also have an academy where we have been teaching how to use VR and AR, and how to make applications such as there’s Hololens as well which is the mixed reality (MR) one, and we’re looking also to grow the VR Diversity Initiatives and help people,” Gere confirms.

To find out more watch the video below.

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