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Unity Reveals 2018 Roadmap Including Unity 2018.1

Beta program applications now open.

At the Game Developer Conference Unity Technologies revealed their 2018 roadmap including details on how to sign up for the beta of Unity 2018.1.

Unity 2018 Roadmap

As Unity continues to grow as one of the leading engines for content creators for videogames, applications and interactive media, the need for new features and regular updates is key. Speaking during their Game Developer Conference keynote, Brett Bibby, VP of Engineering gave viewers a glimpse into the roadmap for the coming year of Unity and what developers can expect.

Firstly, Unity 2018.1 will be releasing this April, with 2018.2 and 2018.3 releasing in Summer and Fall of this year respectively. The first major release will bring with it plenty of exciting new features which will open up new workflows and opportunities for developers. One of the main new features within Unity’s 2018 roadmap is the expanded support for new XR platforms including the Magic leap, Google Daydream Standalone and even Google Play Instant.

Unity Supported Platforms

Elsewhere improvements are going to be found all across the engine include a render pipeline, giving developers more options when it comes to building their projects including a scriptable render pipeline for those looking for more configuration. Machine Learning is also another big feature being push this year by Unity with the aim of making it more accessible then ever before for content creators. General improvements to the engine will also be coming to help improve performance and reliability, made possible by a new Entity Component System, C# Job System and Burst compiler.

If all these features sound exiting to you or have at least peaked your interest you can get access to the beta of Unity 2018.1 via this website.

With all the new technology being supported by the Unity engine, developers are now more able than ever before to create immersive content that is able to be enjoyed by millions. With the recent release of ARCore, augmented reality (AR) on Android devices has become an easier feat similar to how ARKit helped developers bring content iOS devices last year. New improvements to the engine, its learning resources, compatible with current and new platforms are all adding together to make Unity a smart choice for any content creator.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on Unity from the Game Developer Conference throughout the week so make sure to check back often for more.

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