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Magic Leap One Reveal

Unity Teams With Magic Leap, Reveals Technical Preview

Unity Technologies reveals support for the Magic Leap One, Magic Leap’s Early Access partners already working with the engine.

Hot on the heels of an announcement revealing that their rivals at Unreal Engine will be supporting Magic Leap; as revealed through Magic Leap releasing their developer Software Development Kit (SDK) for the Magic Leap One. Unity have also revealed they are to be supporting the highly discussed augmented reality (AR) headset.

Unity logoDiscussing the matter on the Official Unity Blog, the developers revealed that they were launching both the Unity Technical Preview and the Lumin SDK onto Magic Leap’s own creator portal. Also confirming that several big names that were part of Magic Leap’s collection of Early Access partners were already working to bring applications to the Magic Leap One using the Unity Engine. Those names included Weta Workshop and The Mill, which last year at this time was revealing its role as part of project with Chevrolet and Unreal Engine to produce real-time rendering.

Included Magic Leap features into the Technical Preview (by way of Lumin OS) include:

  • Instanced Single Pass Stereo Rendering
  • World Reconstruction, such as world meshing, semantic labelling of floors, ceilings, and walls, and ray casting to retrieve intersection points with the world’s depth data
  • Physical World Occlusion Culling
  • Eye tracking through fixation point position based on where the user is looking
  • Support for the Control, including 6DOF tracking, trackpad, and lighting
  • Audio specialisation providing fine control over the response of the audio based on user’s movement and audio source position
  • Recognize the user’s hand poses (gestures) and track the position of identifiable points on hands such as the tip of the index fingers
  • Track the position and orientation of specified static image targets in the user’s environment
  • Zero Iteration with Magic Leap Remote (More details below under “Get Started With the Device Simulator”)

Magic Leap One“As we look towards the future, 3D digital content will be the way we interact with the world.” Stated Unity in their blog. “Unity believes the world is a better place with more creators in it, and platforms such as Magic Leap will unleash new forms of creativity which we can’t wait to see. ”

VRFocus will be bringing you more news from this year’s Game Developers Conference throughout the week and will update you on further developments with the much-anticipated Magic Leap One in the near future.


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