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VR Awards 2018 Nominations Are Now Open

VR Bound are bringing back the VR Awards for another year.

After the success of the virtual reality (VR) Awards 2017, VR Bound have announced it will be returning for 2018 and the nominations are now open.

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Last year the VR Awards saw a number of big names attend the event including AMD Studios, Oculus, HTC, Google, Framestone, Rebellion, Leapmotion, Epic Games and many, many more. These companies went on to win big as well with the 2017 winners praising some of the best VR experiences of the year. Now with the VR Awards 2018, the event is set to be bigger and better than before.

VRAwards 2017 01

This year there are 12 categories once again for the VR Awards including:

  • VR Headset of the Year
  • VR Game of the Year
  • VR Experience of the Year
  • VR Film of the Year
  • VR Marketing of the Year
  • Rising VR Company of the Year Innovative VR Company of the Year
  • VR Social Impact Award
  • VR Architecture & Real Estate of the Year VR Education & Training of the Year
  • VR Healthcare of the Year
  • Out-of-Home VR Entertainment of the Year

Those wanting to put forward a nomination will be able to do so from now until 1st May, 2018. This includes a product or service that is unreleased so long as it is released and public by the 1st July, 2018. Prospective nominees may be contacted by the award team and, if shortlisted, entered into the judging process. A panel of 38 expert judges will then review applications in preparation for the announcement of the winners on the night of the VR Awards 2018.

Those who attend the event will be treated to a three course dinner, live entertainment and a VIP after party in the heart of London. There are currently over 400 pre-registered interests so the competition is already heating up. To get more information and to nominate head over to the official website. An entry fee is required to be paid to complete the nomination process. Tickets to attend the event are also on sale right now which can be picked up from the VR Awards website.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on the VR Awards 2018 to stay tuned for more in the future.

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