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VR Content Provider Mk2 Launches VR Plug-and-Play Pods

The Mk2 Plug-and-play pod is planned to be the start of a worldwide VR distribution network.

There is growing interest in the area of location-based virtual reality (VR), sometimes known as Out-of-Home VR, or more casually if somewhat inaccurately as ‘VR Arcades’. Its been a year since French company Mk2 launched its VR space in Europe, and the company is aiming grow its presence in the VR space with the launch of its VR plug-and-play solution for VR out-of-home centres.

The new product is called the Mk2 VR Pod, and its release marks the start of Mk2’s aim to become the first worldwide distribution network for VR by combining the Mk2 VR Pod with a large library of available content to create an end-to-end product.

Mk2 is best known as a film exhibitor, having been in business for 42 years. The company has produced over 100 movies and operates 26 theaters throughout Europe and have won 160 awards from major film festivals.

The Mk2 Pod is designed for use in places such as cinemas, museums, institutions and other location-based VR entertainment centres. The Mk2 VR Pod has twelve VR pod offerings, powered by three different high-end VR technologies, HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and PlayStation VR, along with two full-body simulators; Birdly and the Holodia rowing machine.

The first run of Mk2 VR Pods have already gone on sale to selected Mk2 partners around the world. These include institutions such as the National Public Library of France and the Film Fund in Luxembourg as well as movie theatre companies such as Nordisk in Scandinavia and other entertainment partners located in Brazil and Asia.

“Providing state-of-the-art technology to fill the void of white label solutions in the virtual reality space will be a catalyst for making VR a requisite part of consumers’ entertainment expectations,” says Elisha Karmitz, General Manager at mk2. “Adapting VR is a natural next step for the cinematic community and mk2 aims to be their trusted partner in delivering quality and memorable experiences.”

The Mk2 catalogue of VR experiences will be available to customers of the Mk2 VR Pod immediately, and features curated VR content from some of the world’s leading VR content studios, including Felix & Paul Studios, Atlas V, WITHIN and SuperHot Team.

Further news on new and upcoming location-based VR products and services will be right here on VRFocus.

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