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VR for Good, Fred and the VR Diversity Initiative

Fred is founded by Rosie Collins, and focuses on VR for good projects.

Rosie Collins is the founder of Fred, a company that specialises in creating projects that focus on virtual reality (VR) for good. She’s currently working helping various communities with a specific aim on improving mental health and well being. At the VR Diversity Initiative she’s helped support the event by bringing in some of her hardware for participants to use during the workshop and discusses how many amazing individuals she’s met at the event.

Rosie Collins explains to participants what she’s doing in virtual reality.

“We’ve been working with VRFocus, they’ve been supporting us with a lot of our projects. Helping us out with connections to the industry, helping us to get kit, also with events like the VR Diversity Initiative is amazing. We’ve come down and supported that, so we’ve been meeting loads of amazing people from across the board who are now seeing the value of VR. So it’s a really exciting time for me to be making new contacts. I was already talking to an occupational therapist who is potentially someone we can work with,” Collins says.

One of the researchers that works alongside Rosie took part in the VR Diversity Initiative. Charlotte Kemp worked together with another woman learning Unity at a laptop to create an immersive world. She says: “I was introduced to a programme that I had never even heard of and I managed to create an interactive world for VR. I learned so many things and I feel much more confident about entering this as a career.”

Collins believes this will be helpful for working on their projects together in future: “One of my researchers Charlotte is here learning a bit more how to do coding and things even though she comes [from] a neuroscience background.” At the end of the day Collins thinks that there are now a lot of women doing brilliant things in VR and that hopefully a whole new world is coming – with women involved.

To find out more watch the video below.

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