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ARK Park Gets Free Locomotion And A Discount

ARK Park gets a 30% discount as part of Steam VR Spring Sale.

The development team at Snail Games have been hard at work on improving the virtual reality (VR) spin-off to ARK: Survival Evolved. ARK Park has now been updated with bug fixes and a free locomotion option. Best of all, the title is currently available with a discount as part of the Steam VR Spring Sale.

ARK Park allows VR users to enter and explore a variety of expansive environments, each containing its own weather patterns, terrain and vegetation, as well as its on population of dinosaurs.

Ark Park Screen 12

Created as a dinosaur theme park simulator, ARK Park lets users explore the various environments and interact with the dinosaurs without any restriction. Users are free to choose their own path and survey the park as they like with no levels, schedules or story to follow.

The developers have recognised that in the current VR market, consumers prefer to be able to choose how they move around the VR environment. Those lucky enough to not suffer from simulation sickness can now select the free locomotion option. A new tutorial explaining the free locomotion system has been added to make it easier to get to grips with.

Several bug fixes have also been applied, including fixing the character creation interface position, combatting some blurry text and reworking some spots in the tutorial where players could get stuck. The developers are also working on a patch for the PlayStation VR version which should considerably improve the graphical fidelity. That patch is set to hit some time in May, 2018.

ARK Park is currently available on Steam for HTC Vive, Oculus Rift and Windows Mixed Reality devices. As part of the Steam VR Spring Sale, the price has been reduced to £22.39 (GBP), a 30% discount on the usual price of £31.99. The ARK Park Tek Edition bundle also has a discount, knocking it down to £25.89 from the usual price of £36.99.

Further news on ARK Park and other new and upcoming releases will be here on VRFocus.

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