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light guide systems

Augmented Reality Company Celebrate Establishment of New European HQ

OPS Solutions, creators of AR manufacturing tool Light Guide Systems, opens new facility in Czech Republic.

As immersive technology industries develop, there is a natural expansion that occurs as the benefits of the new technology start to be demanded in new areas. One company to benefit from this rising demand is OPS Solutions, makers of augmented reality (AR) tool Light Guide Systems. The company has just crossed a new milestone with the establishment of its new European headquarters in the Czech Republic.

OPS Solutions product, Light Guide Systems is already being used as various assembly and manufacturing facilities. The system helps reduce errors and improve assembly and manufacturing processes by providing audio and video prompts and projecting an operating canvas directly onto any work surface.

light guide systems

The new headquarters is located in Prague, Czech Republic, and will serve as the base of operations for the European OPS Solutions team of engineers as they seek to expand sales and business partnerships into various parts of Europe.

OPS Solutions founder, president and CEO Paul Ryznar said: “In the last several years, we have experienced an increase in the demand for our AR technology for manufacturers across Europe and Asia. The time is right to further expand our global presence and become a permanent part of the manufacturing landscape in Europe. We look forward to growing our partnerships with powerful manufacturers around the world to make factory floors smarter and safer with technology.”

The Light Guide Systems Europe facility is open and operational, employing a local staff who are providing demonstrations of the technology. The two currently available systems are Light Guide Systems Pro, which incorporates proprietary software to the compact Sprout Pro by HP platform, and Light Guide Systems Classic, which offers a simpler and more affordable option for many applications from assembly to quality control.

light guide systems

Further information can be found on the Light Guide Systems Europe website. For the latest news from within the VR and Ar industry, keep checking back with VRFocus.

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