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Become A Sushi-Eating Champion As Ganbatte Comes to Steam

Scoff your way to victory on HTC Vive or Oculus Rift.

All the fun of competitive eating, without the indigestion and impact on your waistline as light-hearted competitive sushi-eating title Ganbatte from Mimicry Games goes live in Early access on Steam.

In Ganbatte players are cats on a space-going restaurant aboard a starship cruising through the galaxies having a vast feast of sushi as they take in the views of the stars. The title is designed to be family-friendly while still offering a gentle competitive challenge.

ganbatte screenshot 1

The Early Access version will launch with two game modes, standard single player and multiplayer, with a tutorial mode also available. Single player features an AI mode which can be set to Easy, Medium or Hard difficulty, with up to 28 levels to complete in Challenge mode.

Multiplayer lets players take on three friends in an effort to see who is the sushi-eating champion. Players will need to eat sushi quickly and strategically throw plates around to reach the highest score. To create a more social atmosphere, player avatars can be given expressions, with the four available at launch being happy, wink, cry and angry.

“In terms of gameplay, we are most inspired by the Nintendo 64 game Pokémon Stadium (1999), which featured the brilliant (and highly addictive) mini-game Sushi-go-round. We asked ourselves, could this work in VR, with cats, in space? After many design sessions, weeks of prototyping, testing (and starting over) we believe that we’ve nailed the core mechanic. This made us feel confident to move forward, and work on world building, extending the core concept, adding depth, replayability and a name: Ganbatte was born!”, says Thomas Papa, Creative Director at Mimicry.

“This might be the dawn of the FPE, the First Person Eater. There’s something about Ganbatte that brings up a very competitive drive in players.”, says Daniela Fontes, Technical Director at Mimicry.

Ganbatte will be available for HTC Vive and Oculus Rift on Steam from 19th April, 2018. The Early access version will be priced at $14.99(USD), with a launch discount of 10%. The launch trailer is available to view below. Further news on Ganbatte and other new or upcoming VR titles will be here on VRFocus.

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