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Trains VR

Become the Ultimate Train Conductor With Trains VR

The House of Fables seeks to fulfill childhood dreams with model railways VR experience.

For those who are fans of model railways, whether children or adults, one of the joys is carefully planning and creating the track, adding myriad small details before letting the train cheerfully run rapidly over the track. If you have never had the space or money to properly indulge your hobby, however, Trains VR offers new potential.

Developers at The House of Fables have created a virtual reality (VR) experience that re-creates the satisfaction of building model railways, and then letting you drive those tiny trains around the tracks you have devised.

Trains VR

Trains VR is designed as a casual puzzle title that lets players plan, build and experiment with model railways tracks, solving puzzles to create the best layout, featuring stylised graphics inspired by toys to provide creative entertainment to players of all ages, without the space, expense or hassle of finding tiny lost pieces.

We’re constantly fascinated by VR technology and the possibilities it offers. So we keep looking for interesting ideas and trying to explore the areas where we believe we can get the most out of virtual reality. That’s how we came up with Trains VR. The level of immersion we’ve already been able to create with the game is incredible, and we’re sure lovers of model railways and casual puzzle game fans will have tons of fun playing the game said Adam Robaszyński-Janiec, CEO at The House of Fables.

Players will be able to create an intricate layout, then transport themselves inside the world they have created to take control of one of the model trains in an effort to fulfill multiple childhood ambitions at once. Players can drive along the tracks, pick up cargo, use switches, tunnels and turntables and solve logistical problems.

Trains VR

Trains VR will be available on the Samsung Gear VR from 1st May, 2018. Further information can be found on the official Trains VR website and the announcement trailer can be viewed below. Further news on Trains VR and other new and upcoming VR titles will be covered here on VRFocus.

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