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Competition: Win A Copy Of Fantasy/Horror Adventure Gates Of Nowhere

We’ve six Steam codes to give away.

Dungeons have a well deserved bad rap. There’s never a good dungeon is there? It’s always full of monsters and demons and some kind of all-encompassing evil that’s plotting to take over the world, or smite the village, or make off with all your gold, your womenfolk or your children. (Sometimes all three.) They’re always dark. They’re always damp. They’re always full of moss, spiders and skeletons. Would it kill people to dispense with the floor littered with bones and install a nice plush carpet for once?

Still, if they did I suspect it wouldn’t be quite as good a location to set videogames.

Gates of Nowhere Screen-Update-10-1

Such a dungeon awaits you in Gates Of Nowhere, a fantasy virtual reality (VR) videogame for the HTC Vive and Oculus Rift currently in Early Access on Steam. Developers SYMMETRICAL have crafted a title in which you busy yourself fighting hordes of horrendous creatures, looking for keys to gain access to the following area and healing yourself up with any potions you can craft from the loot scattered around the place. Not to mention the odd puzzle or two to solve.

Incidentally, you can read our preview of Gates of Nowhere right here.

We’ve teamed up with Italian indie developer SYMMETRICAL to give you the chance to win a code for the title on Steam.  We’ve got six codes to give away, all you need to do to enter is use the Gleam widget below and interact with our social media accounts in some way. You’ll receive a draw entry for being a follower of us on Twitter, one (or another one if you do this as well) for being a subscriber of our channel on YouTube.  You can gain a third entry if you visit our Facebook page – and it’d be pretty neat if you liked it while you were there – and the same goes for our Instagram account too.

The competition is open for approximately a week. It starts today, April 20th, 2018, and will end at midnight UK time, the beginning of April 27th. Winners will be drawn and contacted shortly after that period. Best of luck to all!

Competition: Win A Copy Of Fantasy/Horror Adventure Gates Of Nowhere


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