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Dead Secret Circle Reveals New Trailer

Horror-myster sequel from developer Robot Invader release new trailer for upcoming title Dead Secret Circle.

Back in 2015. developer Robot Invader released its first virtual reality (VR) title for the Samsung Gear VR, titled Dead Secret. The horror/mystery titled was subsequently expanded to Oculus Rift and HTC Vive, where it was well-received by critics. The development team have now revealed the trailer for the sequel, Dead Secret Circle.

Dead Secret puts players in the role of a journalist investigating a suspicious murder, trying to uncover the truth about the incident and becoming suspicious of a mysterious woodcutter. The sequel takes place several years after that incident, this time involving tracking down a serial killer.

Dead Secret Circle

The developers at Robot Invader describe Dead Secret Circle as a narrative-driven mystery thriller with horror elements, set in the brutal and infamous winter of 1971 in Chicago. The protagonist from the first Secret Circle, Patricia Gable is back, this time searching for a killer who appears to have a mysterious power to infect the dreams of Gable and other people of the city.

According to Robot Invader, the design of Dead Secret Circle sought to prioritise tight storytelling and slow-burn psychological horror over cheap thrills and jump-scares. The team say they wish to provide a gripping mystery in which nothing is certain.

The original Dead Secret received praise from VRFocus, where reviewer Kevin Joyce said: “Dead Secret is a wonderful exploration of the capabilities of mobile VR. The amount of detail paid to the mis-en-scene and character development is remarkable, with Easter eggs adding to the background of your character alongside the plot development and storylines of the suspects.”

The latest trailer for Dead Secret Circle shows a slew of surreal and ghost-like imagery as the protagonist speaks of waking nightmares and the situation she finds herself caught in. The full trailer can be viewed below.

Dead Secret Circle

Dead Secret Circle is due to launch on Oculus Rift and Samsung Gear VR later this year, with a non-VR version also available on Steam. Further information on Dead Secret Circle and other upcoming VR titles will be here on VRFocus.

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