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Wanted Killer VR key art

Developer Playsnak Announces New Shooter Wanted Killer VR

Based on a popular mobile title, Wanted Killer VR is heading to Steam Early Access.

Berlin-based developer Playsnak have announced that it will be releasing a new fast-paced virtual reality (VR) shooter called Wanted Killer VR on to Steam in May 2018.

Wanted Killer VR puts the player in the role of a secret group who are opposing the evil corporate empire of Genetic Minds Corp and its maniacal private army.

The title is set to hit Steam Early Access in May 2018, where players will be able to test out different game modes, such as the single player campaign, wave-based survival mode or skill challenges. Combat uses a flow-based combo system along with time-bending ‘bullet time’ mechanics to create a fast but strategic gameplay style.

Wanted Killer VR is loosely based on a mobile title called Killer, produced by Korean developer nChant Interactive, but while some assets have been borrowed from the mobile version, the VR version features a completely new story, gameplay and progression.

Game Director on Wanted Killer VR, Patrick Esteves, said: “We set out to create a game that blends over-the-top B-movie type characters and storyline with innovative VR gunplay. Our goal at Playsnak is first and foremost about how the gameplay feels and how it can push VR forward. For Wanted Killer VR we found that by combining a variety of interesting weapon types, unique gun steal mechanics, and an innovative approach to teleport, we have made something that we think VR gamers will appreciate. The cherry on top was adding stylized graphics to the mix that really highlight the game’s ‘arcadey’ feel. We’re bringing Wanted Killer VR to Early Access very soon which gives us the amazing opportunity to share our progress with the community and use our players’ suggestions to tweak our dev roadmap and ultimately increase the quality of the game.”

The title is designed for HTC Vive, with a full 1.0 version planned to be made available by Q4 of 2018. Further information can be found on the Steam store page. Further news will be here on VRFocus.

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