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Echo Combat

Echo Arena Lobby Update Teases Upcoming Echo Combat Expansion

Echo Combat is still happening with more details to follow at E3.

The recent update to the popular virtual reality (VR) multiplayer title Echo Arena, patch v9.0, was home to a small tease of the upcoming Echo Combat expansion. The new update brings a social lobby system into Echo Arena which featured a sectioned off area that featured the text “Echo Combat: Under Construction“.

Echo Arena Lobby 2.0

Announced back in October of last year, Echo Combat was said to be the first big expansion for Echo Arena with the news coming from developer Ready at Dawn themselves. This was revealed alongside the news that the story of Lone Echo would be continuing as well. Echo Combat is expected to bring a number of new features to the title with the promise of zero-G first-person shooter style gameplay. Since the reveal of Echo Combat there has not been much in the way of news which has left many fans asking what it happening to the expansion.

The inclusion of the door, even if it is remaining shut for now, is the first big update on the project since it was revealed. This confirms that the expansion is still on its way and once more, that it will be accessible directly from the new lobby system included in patch v9.0. This lobby is a open air, shared space where players can float around, explore and take part in a number of activities. This includes a space for training, mini-games, mini-arenas, customization and plenty more. The next big update to the lobby is expected to be the Echo Combat expansion.

Echo Arena Lobby 2.0

Road to VR has been informed that Echo Combat will act as an expansion to Echo Arena using the same lobby system, with more news to come at E3.

Ready at Dawn ended up winning not one but two DICE Awards back in February of this year for both Lone Echo and Echo Arena, claiming the awards for Immersive Reality Technical Achievement and Immersive Reality Game of the Year. These, along with the continued voices of their players shows that people want more from developer Ready at Dawn and their VR titles. With more on Echo Combat hopefully being revealed in the coming months, players should not have to wait to much longer to know more about the expansion and what it will bring to the table.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on Echo Combat in future, so make sure to stay tuned for more.

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