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Escape Virtual Purgatory In iNFLiCTED VR

IndieGoGo campaign hopes to raise $50,000 for development of mobile VR fantasy adventure.

Creating videogames can be expensive. The needed tools, software and equipment can run to hundred, or even thousands of dollars, then you need to add on distribution and marketing. Add in the complexity of virtual reality (VR) and small, independent developers can start to struggle. Some turn to crowdfunding, such as the campaign on IndieGoGo for iNFLiCTED VR.

Project lead Alexandra Stancu has launched an IndieGoGo crowdfunding campaign for a VR fantasy-adventure title where the player takes the role of a lost soul trying to change their fate and escape purgatory.


The title is intended for smartphones and is planned for iOS and Android and Google Cardboard. The first 500 early-bird backers will receive a free iNFLiCTED VR branded Google Cardboard headset.

iNFLiCTED VR lets the player explore the Realm of Purgatory, wandering deep into Limbo and meeting characters such as another lost soul only known as Her. Along the way, you will need to escape the fearsome GraveDigger and fight demons at the very Gates of Hell.

The creators of the project have taken inspiration from Dante’s Inferno as well as Greek mythology and videogames such as Limbo and Journey to craft what they hope with been an original and engaging story, featuring beautiful and immersive environments.

Funding perks range from the $20 (USD) Early Bird tier which gets the backer a pre-order for the title, along with a Google Cardboard headset and a set of smartphone digital wallpapers. Higher-level tiers such as the $50 tier also include an art book while $100 nets the backer a t-shirt as well. The highest tier is $7000 for an Executive Producer credit and the opportunity to write a cut0scene and have lunch with the developers.


The iNFLiCTED VR team are hoping to raise $50,000 , and have pans to make a short demo of the title available before the campaign is over in a month’s time.

Further information can be found on the IndieGoGo page. VRFocus will continue to report on new VR-related crowdfunding projects.

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