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Apex Construct Key Art

Fast Travel Games Announce Physical Release For Apex Construct

A team up with publisher Perp Games means a physical release of the PlayStation VR version will soon be available

For hardcore videogame collectors there is little more satisfying than seeing a physical copy of a favourite title on your shelf. This is often a pleasure that virtual reality (VR) fans must forgo, as VR relies mostly on digital distribution. Fast Travel Games will be plugging as last one hole in your physical videogame library, though with the announcement of a physical release for Apex Construct.

Developer Fast Travel Games have teamed up with publisher Perp Games to bring a physical version of the PlayStation VR title to retailers.

Apex Construct takes place is a devastated, post-apocalyptic future where machines have taken over the planet. As the last surviving human, you need to navigate the shattered ruins of civilisation and unravel the truth of the war between two AIs, Mothr and Fathr. To aid in your fight against the machine that patrol all over the wastes of cities, you have a futuristic bow and an energy shield, which can be combined into a flexible attack and defence.

The title received praise from nay critics, with the review from VRFocus saying: “Its clear that Apex Construct represents the way forward for VR videogames, an absorbing, intriguing experience that draws you in with a rich world complete with its own history and mysteries to be unravelled as well as a fluid combat system. Apex Construct is the standard by which future VR titles will be judged, and an indicator that VR has stepped up its game.”

Fast Travel Games PR & Marketing Manager Andreas Juliusson says “Since releasing Apex Construct as a digital game, we have been contacted by A LOT of players asking for a boxed version. With the majority of PlayStation 4 owners still preferring to buy games on a disc, making the decision to release Apex Construct in retail together with Perp Games was important to ensure our acclaimed debut title can be enjoyed by as many PSVR players as possible.”

Rob Edwards, MD of Perp Games says “Fast Travel Games is a great team, full of passion, talent and experience. It is no surprise they have created a real VR masterpiece in Apex Construct which demonstrates just how far PlayStation VR games have developed over the past year and a half. We think many of their fans and many PSVR fans, will be excited to hear that this great game is coming out in a box.”

The physical edition of Apex Construct will be available from participating retailers from June 2018. VRFocus will provide an update of the exact date when it has been confirmed.

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