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Hidden Content VR

Filmmakers Launch New VR Company At Tribeca Film Festival

New VR content company Hidden Content will be producing VR genre series.

Among film festivals, the Tribeca Film Festival has one of the strongest relationships with virtual reality (VR), with several VR and 360-degree movies getting premieres at the event Now a new VR content company has been announced at the event.

Filmmakers Jacob Wasserman, Adam Donald and Ant Gentile have announced the creation of a new VR content company named Hidden Content, which was revealed at the premiere of the company’s first project, horror anthology The Caretaker.

The Caretaker is a narrative horror anthology in 360-degrees, which stars Adelaide Clemens, Tom Lipinski, Clara Wong and Diana Agostini. The pilot was a co-production with RealMotion Inc, with Max Born and Schuyler Weiss serving as producers, and Gentile and Kimberly Parker as exectutive producers.

Hidden Content will be working with film producer and financier Max Born again to produce a slate of VR films and develop a distribution platform for VR and augmented reality (AR) content. The aim is to have Hidden Content act as a full-service VR company. The three filmmakers behind the company have worked extensively in VR and 360-dgree cinema producing VR adverts and other branded content.

Hidden Content are working on three additional new VR genre series, though details on what these are have not yet been unveiled. The company is also working with other VR creators to add to the slate of projects for 2018.

The team previously produced Broken Night, a live-action interactive narrative which tells the story of a woman and her husband returning home from a night out to discover someone has broken into their home. The viewer can make decisions that influence the direction of the narrative as it progresses.

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Additional information on Hidden Content’s projects can be found its website. Further news on Hidden Content and other VR experiences will be reported on here on VRFocus.

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