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Furniture Design Meets Virtual Reality With OYSTER Chair

Designer investigates new design and fabrication techniques by using VR.

As continued research and development is carried out on furniture design to explore new design methodologies and how new technologies will impact the industry and fabrication techniques, designer Arturo Tedeschi did just that by exploring the applications of virtual reality (VR) for furniture design.


The result of this is the reveal of the OYSTER chair, a prototype designed using VR techniques and manufacture through a 3D milling machine, remotely controlled. OYSTER, as described in the below video, is not just a design project but rather an investigation into new design and fabrication techniques.

Designer Arturo Tedeschi was able to make his dream of working in VR a reality thanks to the Computer-aided design (CAD) VR software Mindesk. The software allows for 3D models to be created within virtual space with an easy to use and understand interface. Tedeschi notes in the video that this new freedom allowed for him and his team to explore new ways of manipulating digital objects, interacting with them as though they were in their hands.


The model that is created within VR is not only a useful way to visualize and simulate the creation but is also able to be translated directly to Computer numerical control (CNC) fabrication. This means that the whole process is handled within virtual space, offering fully immersive creation and review of products without the need for numerous physical prototypes.

Tedeschi used the VR software Mindesk for the creation of the OYSTER chair taking advantage of the software numerous VR ready features. One benefit of Mindesk is that it is integrated with the CAD software package Rhino which is one of the worlds leading tools for designers. This means that the switch to VR is accessible and able to be picked up quickly by any designer with a basic understanding of the Rhino interface. With a number of plug-ins available as well, and complete VR interaction, viewing models and making rapid prototypes is easy and fast.

The video below features some of the work in progress scenes of the OYSTER chair along with designer Arturo Tedeschi talked about the project as a whole. VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on OYSTER in the future along with VR applications within furniture design and fabrication.

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