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Future Tech Expo

FutureTech Expo Announced For September 2018

Event in Dallas, Texas will feature Cryptocurrency and blockchain as a major theme.

Current technology is moving and developing quickly. For those working in the technology sector, this means a lot of new information coming at you at once. Conferences can prove to be good to gain new perspectives and discuss the impact of new technologies and where they might be headed. This is the aim of the FutureTech Expo, which has just announced its next event.

The FutureTech Expo will be taking place at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Dallas Convention Center on 14th-16th September, 2018. Over 2,000 attendees are expected at the event, which will feature a number of key speakers discussing current technological trends.

Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Centre (Future Tech Expo)

One of the major features of the event will be Blockchain and Cryptocurrency. These two related technologies have been in the news recently, though many people remain confused as to what they are and what they can be used for. Speakers such as Tim Draper of DFJ Ventures, Erick Miller of CoinCircle and Stephanie Graham of Crypto Cardio will be among some of those speaking on this topic at the event, in the hopes of providing more background and information to the audience.

Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) has seen crossover with cryptocurrency and blockchain of late, with developers such as Reality Gaming Group using an Initial Coin Offering of cryptocurrency to raise money to fund its AR title Reality Clash.

Another VR/AR related application that utilises cryptocurrency is Gaze Coin, which uses eye-tracking technology to check what AR and VR uses are most interested in looking at, this information can then be turned into cryptocurrency and used to rewards users, developers and advertisers who create and consumer compelling content.

Another developer who has engaged with cryptocurrency is Reality Reflection, who raised over $5 million (USD) with a cryptocurrency pre-ICO for its AR location-based title Mossland.

Future Tech Expo - Logo

Further information and tickets for the event can be found on the FutureTech Expo website. As usual, VRFocus will keep you updated on upcoming VR and AR-related events.

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