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Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Centre (Future Tech Expo)

FutureTech Expo Discount For VRFocus Readers

FutureTech Expo will be concentrating on themes of cryptocurrency and blockchain technology.

As it comes up towards the ‘events season’ part of the year, many people involved or interested in the technology sector are planning how to fit in as many possible events while still remaining on-budget and within the laws of space and time. While we cannot change the laws of physics, we can help your balance the budget with a discount to the FutureTech Expo.

The FutureTech Expo is due to take place on 14th-16th September, 2018 at the Kay Bailey Hutchinson Convention Centre in Dallas, Texas. A key theme of the event is blockchain and cryptocurrency, something which has begun to become very relevant in the immersive technology sector.

Future Tech Expo - Logo

New technologies is the focus of the FutureTech Expo, examining where emerging technologies might be headed and how they will change existing sectors and industries. With so much coverage in the media being given to blockchain and cryptocurrency at the moment it makes sense for this area to receive attention.

Given the development of virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) experiences such as Reality Clash, which uses cryptocurrency to power its in-game economy, and Gaze Coin which allows for the monetisation of VR and AR content using eye tracking, the focus of the event will be of interest to many immersive technology professionals.

Speakers including Randi Zuckerberg of Zuckerberg Media, Tim Draper of Draper University and Nick Spanos of Bitcoin Center will be at the event, delivering talks on their areas of interest and expertise.

VRFocus readers who are interested in attending can get a 10% discount on tickets by going to the FutureTech Expo registration page and applying the code VRF10.

Bitcoin Superconference RegisterationVRFocus is a media partner for the event, so any future announcements about the event will be sure to be right here, so keep checking back for updates.

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