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Heymesh Is A New Search Engine For 3D Models Focused On VR And AR

Web-based service for content creators looking to purchase 3D assist for their VR, AR and videogame titles.

A new search engine has been released by MESON that focuses towards virtual reality (VR), augmented reality (AR) and videogame content creators. Known as heymesh, it is pitched as the definitive way to find 3D models for any project.

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The web-based search engine is designed to be integrated into content creators workflows to allow for a rapid solution to any 3D model needs, no matter the project size. When a user puts in a search request on heymesh the site will quickly quick across ten 3D websites at once to present a wide selection of suitable models that match the search requirements. With powerful options to fine tune the search including license options for the models, polygon count, and even price.

The fast search engine and options to filter through results will allow for content creators to quickly find the needed models they require to help aid in development. MESON hopes that heymesh will solve a common problem that is encounter by content creators when it comes to sourcing assist for their projects. It also means that those who are unable to model themselves or bring on the skills of a 3D artist are still able to get top level assist without the wait of hiring a new staff member.

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MESON are a Tokyo based technology company that look to enrich lives by providing solutions for VR and AR. With heymesh, users will be able to have a workflow that allows for rapid discovery and delivery of the assist they need without to much in the way over overhead costs. Each item listed is displayed with a number of preview images, useful information to help check if the item is suitable for the intended project and clearly informs the users of the price before taking them to the website for purchase.

With engines such as the Unreal Engine 4 and Unity also having built in market places to aid content creators in finding the resources they need. Web-based tools like heymesh are another tool which can aid in ensuring a solid workflow and helping keep projects on track. Once more, with its search engine pulling in results from across ten different sites heymesh is also helping with discoverability of work by artist which ensures all sides are seeing a benefit.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest from MESON and heymesh in the future so stay tuned for more.

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