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HTC Vive Emulator VRidge 2.1 Update Expands NOLO and Language Support

The new update is free.

Mobile virtual reality (VR) users who want to experience high-end VR have been able to do so since 2016 via RiftCat’s HTC Vive emulation software VRidge. Having released the 2.0 update for VRidge back in January, RiftCat has now rolled out the 2.1 version, adding greater language support on top of several other additions.

The software works in tandem with the PC-based RiftCat client, but users were having issues with the connection screen on the 2.0 version, with poor information being relayed to users. The update addresses this, improving the handshake between VRidge and RiftCat client as well as keeping users better informed. Additionally, it will also tell them when the mobile app has a different version to that of the desktop client – both apps need to be updated to see each other.

The new version will now support 13 different languages in total: Czech, Chinese (Traditional), Chinese (Simplified), Danish, Dutch, English, French, German, Spanish, Polish, Portuguese (Brazilian), Russian and Turkish.

And for NOLO VR users the improved version now includes wireless support. They’ll now be provided with an option to connect it to VRidge wirelessly, so a combination of both systems allows for a full wireless room-scale VR experience.

In addition to the above improvements RiftCat has created a “Discover” tab in the RiftCat client so everyone will be able to find videos detailing what they can do with VRidge, the LIVE settings concept has now been expanded upon, and USB tethering has now been made easier alongside numerous bug fixes.

Available through the RiftCat website, both pieces of software are free to download. The free version of VRidge still supports SteamVR, Oculus Rift (with Revive), Gear VR and Google Cardboard but sessions only last ten minutes. The full version of VRidge retails for €14.99 EUR. For further updates on VRidge from RiftCat, keep reading VRFocus.

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