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NVIDIA Holodeck

IKinema Animation Technology Being Integrated Into NVIDIA Holodeck [Updated]

The industry renowned character motion capture solution is being added to NVIDIA’s collaborative VR environment.

Real-time animation technology specialist IKinema have announced that their powerful full-body technology is being integrated into NVIDIA Holodesk for hyper-realistic character motion within virtual reality (VR).

IKinema‘s technology allows for hyper-realistic character motion and natural real-world interactions will full-body tracking. NVIDIA Holodesk is a photogrealistic, collaborative VR environment that incorporates the feeling of real-world presence through sight, sound and haptics. With the integrated of IKinema’s solution into NVIDIA Holodeck will become more of a immersive experience thanks to the heightened sense of realism that will now be possible.

IKinema CEO, Alexandre Pechev, said: “The virtual reality landscape is constantly evolving, and we continue to meet customer needs by providing next-generation VR technologies designed to accelerate user performance levels. We’re proud to have NVIDIA as an adopter of IKinema – it’s a natural fit for both pioneering technologies to co-exist in one virtual space. We’re humbled to sit at the helm with like-minded visionary firms in the pursuit of greater future technological developments.”

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NVIDIA Holodesk removes the limits of geographical limitations by allowing users to come together in virtual space and interact as if they were there in person. The integration of IKinema’s technology will bring realistic character motion to NVIDIA Holodesk creating a more realistic experience that will help users to interact with eachother and work together in virtual space. IKinema’s technology is also able to create live prototype iterations meaning development teams are able to try out ideas with great speed, making the solution an efficient production tool for use within a team of any size.

Aron Zoellner, Lead Technical Artist, NVIDIA, said: “Holodeck offers astounding believability, which is critical for virtual world experiences. With IKinema’s state-of-the-art VR technology, we can provide an essential human element that helps deliver a deeper sense of realism.”

IKinema’s technology is already used by a number of companies to produce super realistic and high-fidelity performance of 3D characters in real-time. In parallel, the technology is used for its exceptional immersive qualities where accurate real-time translation of a users real-world movement is seamlessly transferred to their virtual avatar. The results of which are highly detailed and believable with minimal work required to touch up the captured data.

VRFocus will be sure to bring you all the latest on IKinema in the future so stay tuned for more. 

Update: Following the publication of this article IKinema has been in touch with VRFocus to clarify that the integration with NVIDIA Holodeck began in 2017.

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