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Juliana's Pizza

Life in 360°: A Slice Of New York

The Food Network gets “excitable”, as Kevin E puts it, with a 360 degree camera.

When it comes to food you can pick up and eat its usually fast food that you think of and now I’ve said that your first thought is like a burger. No doubt we’ll have something related to a quarter pounder down the line (or a steamed ham for that matter) but today we’re going Italian style. We’re talking about pizza.

Life In 360° / 360 Degree VideoNow I love pizza, but I certainly don’t love pizza as much as New York does. Eternally in tomato and cheese topped battle with fellow American city Chicago over which style of pizza is better. It’s a topic that divides the nation – and can result in some quite funny rants on the subject. (As those who recall Jon Stewart once going off on the Chicago Deep Dish style on The Daily Show can testify.)

Whatever the case New York is very proud of its ability to make a mean marguerite – or anything else you’d like to stick on top of it.  So, how do you showcase just what New York can do? Well, if you’re the Food Network the answer is simple: get excitable with a 360 degree camera.

I say ‘excitable’ because in many ways this is actually a bad 360 degree video. As we’ve said before here, cuts in 360 degrees are fine, often necessary, but when you’re switching viewpoints and angles every few seconds it can become problematic as you’re losing your sense of location and orientation.

You’ll see what I mean as the Food Network takes us to Juliana’s, Sottocasa and Rubirosa NYC to look at the making, firing and of course eating of some fabulous flatbreads. Even sticking the camera in the brick oven itself. Though I wonder if that action did it any good whatsoever.

VRFocus will be back at the usual time Friday with more 360 degree video. Until then.

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